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Our mission at Larsen Roofing is simple – Service, Service, Service!

Here at Larsen Roofing we provide whole roof estimates, roof repairs, roof installations, chimeny flashing, and ventillation assessments for Burton, Flushing, Fenton, Holly, Linden, Swartz Creek, Davison, Grand Blanc.


Our professional staff can help you determine whether you need a completely new roof installed, or if you just need repairs. We can guarantee our roofing experts will help you determine what the best steps are to take care of your roof and to help you save money.



Service is a key component to satisfying our customers for timely and quality work done at competitive prices.When our professionals commit to a contract, we will honor our professional code to complete your job with the highest quality, integrity, craftsmanship, and service which we continue to build our business and reputation on. Guaranteed!

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Roofing Contractor

When choosing a roofing contractor to put a new roof on your house it can be somewhat confusing to the consumer. The most common mistake I see made is someone getting as many estimates that they can, then spreading all the estimates out on the table and then picking the one that is the lowest price because they think that all roofing companies are doing the same thing so that price is the only thing that matters.This can be a BIG MISTAKE. They may be the lowest price because they bid the job at no profit only to make sure they got a contract signed. Now they still have to make a profit on the job. So how do they do that? Well, one way is by waiting until they have all the shingles torn off your roof and then telling you they have to replace most or all of the plywood on your roof at an extra cost because it is bad. When, in fact, it may or may not be bad wood. The contractor may also tell you other things that need to be fixed even though there could be nothing wrong. The contractor is just looking for any way to make more profit now that they have the job. In the end you may end up paying more money by going with the lowest bid.

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