Roofing Shingles: What kind of shingle should I choose?

There are many different manufacturers with many different options to choose from when picking shingles. This can make the process quite confusing to the consumer. Many years ago most roofs in this state had a style called 3 tab shingles or otherwise known as 3 and 1 shingles. Most of these shingles come with 60 […]

Ridge Vents : why are they better than can vents?

When it comes to ridge vents there are some things to consider. Not all homes should have a ridge vent on them. It can sometimes cause a problem with proper air flow in the attic or a leak depending on how the air flow is set up in the attic. In most cases, the older […]

Roof leaks: How can your shingles cause roof leaks?

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is loose or missing shingles. There could be a number of reasons for this. One is simply because the shingles are so old that the seal strip on the back of the shingle has just worn out and can not hold the shingle down anymore. In […]

Roof leaks: Is your boot cover causing roof leaks?

When it comes to your roof your boot cover is the most common cause of roof leaks. A boot cover is put on at the bottom of the pipe coming through the roof. This pipe is used to exhaust fumes from your bathroom. A lot of times when a new roof is put on a […]